About Skywage

We think big, start small and move fast.

Our company

At Skywage, we’re a small, passionate team of engineers, designers, marketers, and customer success experts. Our commitment does not end with selling just a premium domain: we're here to be a part of your journey and build a meaningful partnership. Let us build a better future by making learning accessible to all.

We understand that pursuing one's passion and building a business on it requires a lot of hustling, and in that process you might end up spreading yourself too thin. That's why skywage offers you all the necessary tools to build your new business, set up your business, and easily make a lot of money, giving you time to focus on what you love.

The customer comes first.

At Skywage we're constantly improving and developing new earning methods for today's earners and provide creative marketing ads for businesses. From day one, we are following those 3 basic values of our company:


Great things should be clear and simple. The platform has to provide the product that people love and use every day.


We share the common goal of creating a top platform that lets people earn money wherever they are.


We want to let people know about our business and build trust with our users by having a great customer support worldwide.